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Track Name: Tambora
wake to see thoughts acted out. speak out loud to know the mind's power. eruption. live the year without a summer. indonesia choke the earth with ash. starvation in life's field. eat dust with the snake. die.
Track Name: Blackness that Spread
burn down his kingdom. red eyes see black light. psychonaut, lead the hunt, invert the sign, slam my soul shut. tribe reign from castle rock. no eyes see our light.
Track Name: Heavy Bones
no words
Track Name: Sins
hated you to death. retinas catch light thrown from hell's mouth, welcome home. you crushed me with deceit. descent past all other sins. your voice can't reach my heart anymore. follow me down. three-faced beast source of hate, weeping blood, waist-deep in black ice. cast the deceiver of the bastard christ from the center mouth so you can take your place. your eyes no longer move me. I told you, I was god. Fear my heights, call my name, beat out of time, write me down. black age wind blows through my ribs.
Track Name: ...And Beyond the Infinite
exhale forgotten vow. step into ancient sea. sit in dark. eternally adrift. signal return. monolithic truth.
Track Name: Iblis
arise from the under-gloom, anointed with hate. follow the morning star. path to truth. soul elevated above matter. as the flame. dissolve. congeal.
Track Name: Synaesthesia
jaws of life. clamped on me. sight unseen, set me free. hungry as winter, teeth fall out. cast me away. welcome in greif.